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Sponge promptly with cold water or soak in cold water. Pretreat remaining stain. Launder with appropriate bleach and hottest water safe for fabrics.


Pretreat stain and launder in hottest water safe for fabric. Use chlorine bleach if safe for fabric. If a grease stain remains, soak in warm water with a pretreat product. Rinse thoroughly and relaunder.

Nail Polish

Place stain face down on paper towels. Sponge with nail polish remover until stain disappears. Rinse thoroughly. Launder in hottest water safe for fabric. (Do not use nail polish remover on acetate or Arnel fabrics. Send them to a drycleaner.


Sponge promptly with cold water or soak in cold water. Pretreat remaining stain. Launder with appropriate bleach and hottest water safe for fabric.

Fabric Softener Residue

Dampen the stain and rub with bar soap. Rinse, then rewash.

Fruit Juice

Soak in cold water. Pretreat stain and wash with fabric-safe bleach.


Apply ice or very cold water to harden the affected area. Scrape the stain carefully with a dull knife to remove excess. Saturate with a prespotter or cleaning fluid. Rinse. Launder. Tough adhesives may need a treatment with acetone.


Follow the directions for removing glue.


Pretreat or soak in enzyme detergent. Launder using fabric-safe bleach. If stain persists, sponge with alcohol (dilute alcohol in two parts water if concerned about the colorfastness of a fabric).


Pretreat with commercial prespotter or laundry detergent. Launder in hottest water safe for fabric. If stain persists, place stain face-down on paper towels and apply cleaning fluid to back of fabric. Allow fabric to dry, then rinse. Launder again in hot water.


CAUTION: Some inks may be set in by laundering. Try pretreating the stain before laundering.

Using alcohol or cleaning fluid, sponge the reverse side, with the fabric face-down on a paper towel. Rinse thoroughly. Another method is to place the stained area over the mouth of a jar or glass and hold the fabric taut. Drip the cleaning fluid through the spot so the ink will drop into the container. Rinse. Some household cleaners such as 409® or Fantastik® or hairspray may also work as pretreaters. Once the stain is sufficiently removed, launder as usual.


Scrape off excess stain with a dull knife. Soak in cold water for a minimum of 30 minutes. Pretreat affected area with prespotter. Wash garment in hot water with fabric-safe bleach.



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