Coin Laundromat in Barrie's South End

residential-barrie-laundryMapleview Laundromat in Barrie (behind Kenzingtion Burger Bar) offers all the amenedies you need to get your laundry done.

This conveniently located coin laundry facility, next to a shopping centre is very clean, with washroom facilities and Wifi. With 2 water softeners in place to improve laundry cleaning quality, you'll use less soap, saving you money.

Bring your dirty laundry! You can wash everything from clothing, sleeping bags, comforters, table clothes, towels, uniforms and more. Do all your loads at the same time.

Our Laundromat Has:

  • Normal size Maytags for single loads
  • Middle size Maytags for triple loads (good for 1 queen comforter)
  • Electrolux washers for quadruple loads (good for 2 queen comforters or 1 king)
  • Electrolux for super large capacity (good for 2 king comforters or 4 sleeping bags)
  • Mid-size Maytag dryers
  • Large capacity Electrolux dryers (The dryers change direction every 5 minutes preventing tangling of clothes, sheets and comforters)
  • comfortable seating areas
  • several large tables for folding and sorting your laundry
  • wheeled carts to move your laundry easily from the washer to the dryer
  • free Wifi
  • Lending Library
  • automatic door 

2 vending machines stocking:

  • Tide (soap)
  • OxiClean (all purpose stain remover)
  • Bounce (dryer sheets)
  • Downy (rinse cycle)
  • TUFF Bags (to transport clean laundry)

2 Convenient Bill and Coin Changers

  • Bill changes that provide loonies, toonies and quarters for $20, $10, $5 bills

Quite likely the cleanest, most well kept laundromat in the city. Everything always works. There is often someone there sweeping and keeping the place smelling just the way you’d want when you pull your freshly washed clothing from the dryer...... nice and fresh.

Arif Khan

Maytag coin laundry machine in Barrie's South End Electrolux coin laundrymat in Barrie, ON



6AM to 11PM 7 days a week

Closed Christmas Day & Boxing Day


515 Bryne Dr, Barrie On,
L4N 9P7

Behind Kenzingtion Burger Bar
East side of Bryne Drive

Phone 705-794-3360

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Lending Library

The lending library works on the “Honour” system. So do the books. If people have books or magazines they no longer want they can bring them in for the library. If people find a good book they can take it home to read. We would just appreciate it if they would return the book when they are finished. We take reading material that is not religious, and not smutty in any way. Children may look through the books and see something they shouldn’t see. The library is near to the front on the left wall beside the soap vending machine.