dirty-sleeping-bag-laundryOh no! The sleeping bag got wet and smelly while camping. Oh no! My dirty dog slept in it and now it smells like wet dog! Wait, there is help at hand at Mapleview Laundromat in Barrie...





wifi conceptWhat a great convenience for our customers! Just input the free Wi-Fi password and enjoy surfing the Internet, working on a project, or listening to your choice in music. We’ve had a number of customers ask us to play music in the Laundromat. We haven’t been able to find a particular kind of music that is universally appealing to everyone. But with the introduction of free Wi-Fi just choose your own style of music and plug-in your headphones. 

laundryWhen considering whether to wash a comforter, always read the washing instructions first. Some will say that it must be dry cleaned and others will say it can be washed in a front loading bigger capacity washing machine. Part of the decision will have to do with the exterior of the comforter. Is there sufficient stitching in it to keep the interior in place? Is the comforter polyester inside or goose down? Personally, I haven’t yet washed mine, but it is only 2 years old. I protect my down comforter by placing a sheet on top of it. I take the sheet off once a month and wash it.

We find between 5 and 10 orphaned socks each week. Please remember to spin the drum when you have emptied your clothes. That tricky little sock may very well be stuck inside at the top of the drum. It won’t fall down until it begins to dry. You’ve gone home with one sock missing. I know that can be really annoying, but trust me when I say that the washers don’t eat the socks.

If you bring your own detergent from home, please don’t use too much. It is a waste of your money. Our water is extremely softened in order to provide a superior cleaning action. If too much is used, your clothes won’t be rinsed properly and you may notice a residue on dark coloured items. Even if the washer that you are using is one of the larger ones, the machine weighs your clothes and determines what the correct portion of water to detergent is. Just use the ¼ cup rule for all of the washers and you will be safe.
I wish that Tide would make a liquid laundry detergent for our vending machines. The liquid detergents are much better for your clothes and much better for our washers. I’ve researched this subject. Most powder detergents require a minimum of 30 degrees Celsius to completely dissolve. If you wash in cold water and not all of it is dissolved, you may get a build up of detergent residue on your clothes and this could cause a skin irritation!

The pollen season has arrived very early this year. Poplar
pollen is already at a moderate level.

Getting chocolate or cocoa on your favourite shirt doesn't need to be the end for that shirt. There is hope!



6AM to 11PM 7 days a week

Closed Christmas Day & Boxing Day


515 Bryne Dr, Barrie On,
L4N 9P7

Behind Kenzingtion Burger Bar
East side of Bryne Drive

Phone 705-794-3360

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Lending Library

The lending library works on the “Honour” system. So do the books. If people have books or magazines they no longer want they can bring them in for the library. If people find a good book they can take it home to read. We would just appreciate it if they would return the book when they are finished. We take reading material that is not religious, and not smutty in any way. Children may look through the books and see something they shouldn’t see. The library is near to the front on the left wall beside the soap vending machine.