Simple: get everything done at once!!

relax-doing-laundryI used to do a load every night, it seemed. I ran to the laundry room after 7PM (smart meter), put my load on and then maybe 2 hours later I might remember I had to go back and put it in the dryer. Then more time would go by and I might remember to go back to the dryer, run it some more time, or fold my clothes. Most of the time I forgot.

The next night everything would be crumpled and I would have to toss it again for another 20 minutes while I put on the next load. Does this scenario sound familiar to you? I don’t like spending night after night doing laundry. I wish I could just get it all done once a week or once every 2 weeks, assuming I have enough things to make the stretch.

fluffy-clean-pillowsWell, we are certainly having a slow start to Spring this year. This is usually the time to freshen your bedrooms and pack away winter bedding items until Autumn. Washing up most comforters and pillows is a “breeze” at Mapleview Laundromat. All you need are a few instructions and your bedrooms will take on that fresh Spring airiness and let you sleep better.

doing-laundry-in-barrieTypically, a wash takes between 32 and 38 minutes. Some washers allow you to purchase an extra long wash and/or an extra rinse which could increase your time. Alternatively, these same washers also permit a quick wash which reduces the time under 30 minutes.

Drying time is usually between 30 and 45 minutes. Most items are dry at 32 minutes; just towels and perhaps the seams and pockets in a pair of jeans may take longer. 

mapleview-laundromat-donatesHappy New Year!!! Peter and I wish all of you a wonderful, healthy and prosperous 2014. We are grateful for your patronage this year and appreciate your loyalty. Always remember, if you experience any issues at Mapleview Laundromat, we are only a phone call away (705-794-3360). 

We have now donated $600.00 to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and directed the monies to the Filipino people who are  suffering the devastating effects of Typhoon Haiyan. We have members of our family who personally have very dear family living in the Philippines. It has been difficult for all of us to see the damage and to know what this means to them over the next few years while rice fields slowly come back and homes get rebuilt.

clean-down-comforterIt’s that time of year when comforters, coats and blankets may need a wash before use. Many puffy outerwear coats are totally able to go into the washer and dryer, even if they are goose down.

Often the collar and cuffs have become dirty. I’ve used Wisk for collars and cuffs for years. I’m also now using OxiClean and Resolve, so pick your favourite and give a little scrub time to these noticeable spots before putting them into the washing machine. I use cold water and I make sure that I’m on a delicate cycle. I don’t advise using a fabric softener on goose down as it tends to matt the feathers. Tumble dry on low for and then give the down a good shake.

new-doorMapleview Laundromat is pleased to provide you with a brand new automatic door. Whether you have mobility issues or just a full load of laundry in your hands, you can now get in and out by simply pressing the large button with the picture of a wheelchair on it. The door will stay open for 10 seconds.

too-much-soap-in-laundryPlush comforters and duvets do not require much laundry detergent. Only 1/8th of a cup is needed. We have noticed that when more is used, comforters and duvets may hold onto the soap suds. The washers may stop working for up to an hour while waiting for the suds to lessen. There are 2 things that you can do to help remove the suds during the rinse cycle:

not-out-of-order-coin-laundry-barrieThis is a very personal topic for Mapleview Laundromat here in Barrie. We don’t like out-of-order laundry machines! We try our absolute best to keep all washers, dryers, soap vending machines and change machines in good working order.

If you have an issue with ANY MACHINE in our Laundromat, please, please, please, let us know about it. The washers and dryers have been numbered. Call us at 705-794-3360 or email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or fill out one of our Comment cards located at the front near the bulletin board. We appreciate your feedback.

how-to-wash-pillowsPillows should be washed at least twice a year (the covers once a month, along with your mattress cover). Check the care label to confirm that your pillow (down or synthetic) can be machine washed - most can be. Use only ¼ cup HE liquid detergent rather than a powder to avoid residue. HE liquid cleans well but does not produce too many suds which are hard to rinse out. Adding a small measure of fabric softener or white vinegar to the rinse cycle will help to remove the detergent. Wash a 2 or 4 pillows together to keep the machine balanced and run them through the rinse cycle twice to rinse them fully.

Drying Pillows

For down and feathers, use the low heat or the air cycle and dry very fully.

change-machine-coin-laundry-barrieThe new plastic $20 dollar bills were introduced in November 2012. Mapleview Laundromat, along with every other business that has Change Machines, had to wait for the software upgrade that would allow the machines to accept these bills.

Now we have the software but please beware! Plastic bills tend to stick to each other. They are much more difficult to count and separate. Make sure you have just one bill for the change machine. By the end of 2013 both $10 and $5 dollar bills will be plastic. We’ll need to update the software again.



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The lending library works on the “Honour” system. So do the books. If people have books or magazines they no longer want they can bring them in for the library. If people find a good book they can take it home to read. We would just appreciate it if they would return the book when they are finished. We take reading material that is not religious, and not smutty in any way. Children may look through the books and see something they shouldn’t see. The library is near to the front on the left wall beside the soap vending machine.