We like our clients! If your washer has broken down we are there for you. If your dryer isn't working, our dryers are working for you. We won't turn you away because you only need the dryer. We also have hot water. Our clients can choose from cold, warm or hot water. We also soften the water, and this means you don't need as much detergent. 1/4 cup is all you need, even in the biggest machine. Last but not least, our biggest dryers can dry most comforters in 32 minutes.
Peter and I do our own laundry at Mapleview Laundromat. We won't use the equipment unless it is clean and in good repair. Although we aren't there every hour we are open, we try to answer the telephone and respond to your questions or issues. Many times we go straight there and help you if you are experiencing an issue with a washer or dryer. Our phone number is on the window beside the door. Please call if you need us.
Once again we have had a "Soap Pod Invasion" at the laundromat! These little guys go directly into the drum on any washing machine. Many, many times we have had 3 or 4 pods up in the soap tray. They simply don't dissolve up there. Not enough water goes in to breakdown the plastic/gel exterior. So please go ahead and use them, but please put them in the drum.
Pollen season is upon us in full force. While the pollen "flies" it is NOT a good idea to hang your wet laundry outside. Wet laundry picks up all sorts of pollen. You bring it into the house and suddenly allergies are worse than ever. As much as I love to hang my clothes out and get that fresh smell, I wait until the Pollen Reports become tolerable.
do laundry on way home from cottageWe are so convenient to Hwy 400. Just stop by. Do your laundry; maybe grab a bite to eat while you wait. Everything is available nearby. Get your groceries. Why bother to sit in heavy traffic when you could do something else? Then once you are home, relax and enjoy the rest of the day.

report a problem at coin laundromat barrieWe have a policy at Mapleview Laundromat. We don't like broken washers or dryers. We have our coin laundry equipment serviced on a regular basis. So please, if you experience an issue with a washer or dryer, please give us a call or text us. 705-794-3360 is text capable and we answer the phone. I promise. If you end up having to leave a message, we always do our best to get back to you quickly.

soap podsSoap Pods are great! But you only ever need one.

Mapleview Laundromat has oversized washers. But the equipment is intelligent. It weighs the clothes and determines the water requirements. Also, we soften the water to give you a superior clean. Just toss one soap pod in the drum with your clothes.  It is enough. More than one pod may cause

This month we are partnering with Piggybank Technology, collecting donations for Furry Friends Cat Shelter in Barrie. They are a private shelter who rely entirely on donations to save hundreds of cats. We are requesting donations for these items most in need:

Sometimes it isn't possible to complete your laundry tasks at home when you need to. We all have moments when dirty clothes pile up for more than a week. When this happens, we can help. Bring it all to the laundromat and use the coin laundry to get it done in a couple of hours.


mapleview-laundromat-thankyouPeter and I have met some of the nicest people we know at our laundromat. So many people see us and greet us by name now. We are remembering many of our customer's names as well. It just feels like a nice, clean, comfortable community atmosphere when we're there.

We both come from completely different jobs and we took early retirement. Since we bought Mapleview Laundromat, I have started feeling like we're coming home whenever we are there cleaning up. We love our job and more importantly, we appreciate all the great people we get to meet there. We just want to say "Thanks for making our day(s)!!!"




6AM to 11PM 7 days a week

Closed Christmas Day & Boxing Day


515 Bryne Dr, Barrie On,
L4N 9P7

Behind Kenzingtion Burger Bar
East side of Bryne Drive

Phone 705-794-3360

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Lending Library

The lending library works on the “Honour” system. So do the books. If people have books or magazines they no longer want they can bring them in for the library. If people find a good book they can take it home to read. We would just appreciate it if they would return the book when they are finished. We take reading material that is not religious, and not smutty in any way. Children may look through the books and see something they shouldn’t see. The library is near to the front on the left wall beside the soap vending machine.